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1984 D100 225 to 318 z bar issues


Apr 15, 2022
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Raleigh North Carolina
i daily drive an '84 d100, a833OD 225 slant. the slant was on its last leg, so i pulled it, built up a 318, and stuck it in.
setup is now the 318, lakewood smallblock aluminum bellhousing, back to the original 833OD trans. the 318 is out of a 73 Dart. truck oil pan, truck pickup tube, 318 truck mounts and brackets. not the lopsided 360 mounts.
i had issues with the motor and trans mounts at first. but got those issues resolved. now im running into an issue where the Z-bar for the clutch fork linkage is about an inch too long to bolt up to the bellhousing with the current pivot ball/bracket that was originally on the truck. im looking for anyones help who can assist me in what i need to do or buy, or tell me if im missing something obvious. a second set of ears and eyes never hurts.






Nice project, just spit balling here but is the z bar the same between the 225 and the 318? If you push the ball stud in until is bottoms out your still too long?
probably need the V8 bar. Check with Brewer's, they should have what you need.
Can't remember what if anything was different there, I did a /6 to 318 with a stick swap year's ago but can't remember the linkage being a big deal.
The "Z" bar ball stud brackets are different for the Slant and V8 as are the Z bars themselves. The V8 stuff is far more difficult to find than the slant pieces. If Brewers could not help modifying your Z bar is your best option in my opinion. In the parts wanted section there is a pic of the V8 ball stud engine bracket that someone posted because they need one. Might help for reference.