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  1. D

    SOLD Dodge Tailgate '72-'80

    72-80 Dodge Tailgate. Removed from new truck and stored in barn loft for ~ 45 years. Original paint and hardware. Absolutely no rust, dings, or bowing. I believe this to be very much a unicorn. Paint on the latches is not even scraped off. The snail tracks on the outside are from tar that...
  2. S

    FOR SALE 1979 dodge Adventure 1/2 ton,

    rebuilt 318 engine some rust on the running boards, frame is in good shape, tailgate and hood in good shape, windsheild needs to be replaced, it is a project truck that I have lost interest in finishing it. If interested email me at sruff7199@bellsouth.net.
  3. A

    1953 dodge Fargo information

    Hello everyone! So I’ve recently got myself a 1953 dodge Fargo truck. Planning on restoring this thing but the question I’m currently looking for answers for at the moment is the truck has 20” rims on it and I’ve been told that it’s a uncommon size and was wondering if anyones converted or knows...
  4. B

    Resurrected Garage Car and Bike Show

    2nd Annual Resurrected Garage Car and Bike Show benefitting the Arcade CH Church. The show will be held at the Jefferson Civic Center (65 Kissam Street Jefferson, GA 30549) October 15, 2022 from 10am-2pm. There will be raffle prizes, vendors, and food. $20 to register a car/bike and over 15+...
  5. 8

    1984 D100 225 to 318 z bar issues

    i daily drive an '84 d100, a833OD 225 slant. the slant was on its last leg, so i pulled it, built up a 318, and stuck it in. setup is now the 318, lakewood smallblock aluminum bellhousing, back to the original 833OD trans. the 318 is out of a 73 Dart. truck oil pan, truck pickup tube, 318 truck...
  6. R

    1956 Dodge C3 parts

    I need some help. I need a distributor and carb for a 1956 dodge C3 315 V8. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. O

    1980 Dodge Ram Battery/Electrical Question

    🛑❗My Grandpah is wanting to buy a 1980 4cylinder Dodge, the guy who's selling it Bought the Correct battery just in the "R" configuration So when he hooked it up Pos-to-Neg & Neg-to-Pos something Happened, The only info I could find about when this happens if to replace a Certain Fuse, but the...
  8. D

    WANTED Advice on finding parts

    Hi all, does anyone know where would be the best place to go to find parts for my 1946 Dodge WK68 (3 ton tipper) I am in the UK so shipping is going to be crazy anyway. Basically I need a load of engine parts, vacuum system parts, and brake parts. (I'm not quite sure what just yet as I've...
  9. d150kid

    New member from California need help

    Hey everybody, I’m a new member from California with a 1990 Dodge D150. I’m wondering once I have it up and running again what would be the best way to go about making some more power on a budget? I’m not making much money at the moment but I’m looking to build a street/strip truck. i have the...
  10. isaacpavao

    Tips on starting a sitting truck

    My project dodge with a Chevy 350 had been sitting for 13 years. Any advice to get this thing running
  11. isaacpavao

    Old lifted dodge project HELP

    Hello this is my first project and I’d like to get some advice. It’s a 1967 dodge 200 power wagon with a Chevy small block 350 in it. Already has a lift big enough to fit 44 super swampers on it. I would like to get it running then turn it into a off-road mudding rig. Any advice for getting this...
  12. jakuzzie

    WANTED 1958 Dodge D100 parts

    Hey! I am looking for parts for my 1958 Dodge truck. Feel free to offer everything;) Does anybody know a good website to shop Dodge C-Series truck parts? Somebody installed door popper.. so i need whatever to go back to stock. I also need a stock steering wheel. Best regards Jakuzzie
  13. StrokerMan

    FOR SALE 408 Mopar SB Engine

    Hello, Mopar 360LA small block stroked to 408ci. Topped off with Magnum heads, dual plane air gap intake, fabricated tall valve covers, and Edelbrock 750 carburetor. Engine puts out 443hp. & 516ft.lbs. Engine has dyno sheet to show power curve and vin matches block tag. Comes with lots of...
  14. 1stGenDurango'98

    FOR SALE 1999 Dodge Durango SLT 4X4.

    I have a black 1999 Dodge Durango SLT 4X4 that I am deciding to sell. It has a good running 5.2 liter 318 engine with 246,459 miles on the odometer, but it has a weak/tired transmission. I have more pictures by request, just ask. Please read the "description" below and see all pictures before...
  15. isaacpavao

    Thoughts on restoring a 1967 dodge 200 Power wagon

    Hello, I have acquired a 1967 dodge 200 power wagon with a engine swap for a Chevy 350 I believe. It is lifted and comes with a set of 44 super swampers. It’s a beast. The truck has been sitting in a field for 13 years. I know my way around an engine, but this will be my first project and I’m...
  16. S

    6x6 Garage find!

    Family just purchased a property and discovered this in a shed. I assume it started as a WC62 with a commercial body since it is a 6x6 but I'm looking for any ID info anyone can provide. Unfortunately it has a feeder on the back and no bed. Thanks in advance!
  17. T

    Ford vs Dodge vs Chevy/GMS

    I currently own a FORD F150. My lease is up I am have been test driving the other brands as well. This is a company vehicle and they allow me to tow but I will not have any other options than what is listed below. We tow a camper (8K) and are trying to compare. I am looking for 'true' numbers...
  18. 1

    WANTED Wanted 1981-1985 Headlight bezel pair

    Can't find that anyone is re-popping them so... Looking for a nice driver quality set of headlight bezels for my 1982 W150 Thanks! 1966Post
  19. H

    FOR SALE Mopar BigBlock Truck Bellhousing

    Used Big Block Mopar Truck bell-housing PN 3497272. Casting date 8/30/77. For NP435 Trans with 5.125 bearing retainer. Looks to be in good condition with clutch fork, boot and clutch adjustment rod. Also included is an internally balanced 11” flywheel. Needs a clutch fork pivot bracket. Will...
  20. 8

    FOR SALE Mopar NOS 4 Terminal Ballast Resistors For Sale, Part No. 3874767

    For Sale on ebay; here's the link: US MADE MOPAR Plymouth Dodge NEW 4-Prong Ballast Resistor PN 3874767 1971-Newer | eBay Mopar Part Number 3874767 - US Made NOS/NORS (New Old Stock/New Old Replacement Stock) Four-Post Ballast Resistor for all Mopars (Dodge, Plymouth, Chrysler), for late...