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  1. 8

    1984 D100 225 to 318 z bar issues

    i daily drive an '84 d100, a833OD 225 slant. the slant was on its last leg, so i pulled it, built up a 318, and stuck it in. setup is now the 318, lakewood smallblock aluminum bellhousing, back to the original 833OD trans. the 318 is out of a 73 Dart. truck oil pan, truck pickup tube, 318 truck...
  2. jakuzzie

    WANTED 1958 Dodge D100 parts

    Hey! I am looking for parts for my 1958 Dodge truck. Feel free to offer everything;) Does anybody know a good website to shop Dodge C-Series truck parts? Somebody installed door popper.. so i need whatever to go back to stock. I also need a stock steering wheel. Best regards Jakuzzie
  3. C

    FOR SALE 68 Dodge d100 Bed/trailer for sale

    D100 bed and or a great tow behind trailer. New tires, bed is complete including tail gate. Original frame used to make trailer frame. Asking $500
  4. D

    FOR SALE '64 D100 Sweptline project 4 sale

    1964 D100 Sweptline shortbed 4 sale. Complete project!! No engine, no transmission. Has had body work done, cut out old cancer spots and new metal installed, NO BONDO, frame and body are straight. The truck has been disassembled to have the frame stripped and powder coated. My wife and I became...
  5. B

    SOLD 74 D100 Utililine

    109k clean title 318 v8 a833 4 speed, long tube headers, power steering and power disc brakes, brand new radiator, fresh tires, daily driven work truck, needs a little bodywork, Runs strong selling because i got laid off can't afford multiple vehicles anymore. My loss your gain. Will give it to...
  6. jobrated_man

    1960 Engine color

    Wondering what the factory color was for the 1960 Dodge D100, or W200. Have a 318 poly to install and it was red (originally from a 65 Plymouth) but, seems i recall some of the V-8s in late fifties were yellow in the trucks.
  7. Bart K

    I picked up a 1966 D100 Step Side 318 4 speed 3:91 posi, have some questions!

    I think the truck is pretty much original, but what the hell do I know??? I saw this truck just sitting and rotting in a parking lot near where I live, and I just could not stand it anymore. I am a member of the b-body forum as I have a 1969 4 door Dodge Coronet. The guys over there suggested...
  8. jobrated_man

    WANTED 1959/60 trim needed

    Looking for the fender and door trim on the power giant truck, 59-60. Have good fenders with holes for the trim. This is for a 1959 D100 but I think trim was the same on 1960 D100. Trim runs the length of fenders at belt line, then curves down at the doors. I have the hood trim.
  9. K

    D100 Turbo Pet Project

    So I have this pet project in mind that I'm entertaining for later on down the road. It's inspired by a late 70s D100 my Gramps had back in the day, that I had some nostalgic memories of (namely remember the grill). This is more of a passion project that I'd imagine goes against "what everybody...