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    Whose Attending Mopars At The Rock 2022

    Anyone going to mopar is at the rock tomorrow 4/16/22? I’m going mainly to attempt to find A Z-bar and ball-stud bracket for an 84 dodge D100 smallblock with the 883OD trans as mine doesn’t fit or Work in any manner from swapping out my 225/6
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    1984 D100 225 to 318 z bar issues

    i daily drive an '84 d100, a833OD 225 slant. the slant was on its last leg, so i pulled it, built up a 318, and stuck it in. setup is now the 318, lakewood smallblock aluminum bellhousing, back to the original 833OD trans. the 318 is out of a 73 Dart. truck oil pan, truck pickup tube, 318 truck...