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    1984 D100 225 to 318 z bar issues

    i daily drive an '84 d100, a833OD 225 slant. the slant was on its last leg, so i pulled it, built up a 318, and stuck it in. setup is now the 318, lakewood smallblock aluminum bellhousing, back to the original 833OD trans. the 318 is out of a 73 Dart. truck oil pan, truck pickup tube, 318 truck...
  2. O

    1980 Dodge Ram Battery/Electrical Question

    🛑❗My Grandpah is wanting to buy a 1980 4cylinder Dodge, the guy who's selling it Bought the Correct battery just in the "R" configuration So when he hooked it up Pos-to-Neg & Neg-to-Pos something Happened, The only info I could find about when this happens if to replace a Certain Fuse, but the...
  3. K

    1967 Dodge D200 need help!!!

    Help with my son’s truck! We’ve recently replaced the coil and fuel pump as it would crank but not turn over. After finally getting the correct order of the distributor wires, it fired up and ran for a day. The following day it fired up but stalled after five minutes in the drive way. Won’t...
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    Need help deciding!!!!

    Hey guys, recently realized I need a truck in life, I need something that can tow when I need it to, but also more importantly be used to camping, hunting, fishing, and getting off grid, I plan on lifting it and throwing 37s on it, question is should I go with... Diesel or Gas Chevy, dodge...