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I have this switch from my '76 D250. I drove this vehicle for years and know the switch is good. $40 shipped, prefer Paypal, no extra for fees. Easier to email me at trailerparkindigent@gmail.com if interested. CAn send pics to your email if wanted.
looking for a belt tensioner assembly for a 1991 5.2 dodge dakota and a smog pump eliminator kit
I have a set of these for $150 shipped if you have not found any yet. can send pics to your email address. Nice parts, shiny chrome, no pitting on bases. Easier if you respond to my email if interested at tepidorator@yahoo.com. Prefer Paypal, no extra for fees.
Im interested in the brake booster. How much is shipping to 60901? It can be a "slow" shipping, I don't have to be in a hurry.
still available? Kyle, did you drop off the face of the earth?