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Just spent 50 of last 70 days in hospital - relating to open heart surgery. I wouldn't wish my experience upon any man, woman or child.
So, still seeking right side P-brake cable. Ideas? thanks
Hi Everyone I just join was looking interior parts for my 1965 D100 Dodge
when I sign up I lost page where they had all the parts I needed how to I find
I have a 78 150 power wagon the cab pretty rough on it what other year models will work
I sent you a PM on Moparts but I will buy the pan with pickup and whatever mounts you have for sale. I need the 2wd but will buy the 4x4 mounts too. All sets.
richard d woolsey
have a sale pending on the pan, pickup and 4x4 mounts. have 1 set of 4x4 mounts and 2 sets of 2wd mounts left. sorry, if deal falls thru you are next in line.
$85 plus shipping. I don't take pay pal, but take Postal Money Orders. When I receive the M.O., I ship and send you the tracking number. LMK if this works, I'll have to pull it and get a quote. Not sure who will ship it and if it has to have the brackets removed, they will be in a separate box. I don't know if the bumper has to be in a box or not.
Give me a few days, have to go out of town tomorrow and again end of next week. I'll try and get it accomplished as quickly as I can. Thanks, John
mark rauch
Please no rush
Mark; The mail room quoted me a price of $125 for the bumper. I'm trying to get it a box made up. I wanted to wrap it in the clear cling, they said the companies wouldn't accept that. Also there is an up charge on anything over 48". The brackets I can get in a USPS box for for $25. Total would be $235. Not sure that's what you wanted to hear. LMK if you want to proceed. Thanks, John