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Need opinion for first truck


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Nov 21, 2017
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Oviedo, Florida
Hey all, I'm new here and need some opinions from people who know more than I do .
I'm 19, and I'm looking for a first truck. Only reason I'm getting a truck is bc I work with a contractor and will constantly be having a lot of tools with me. I really don't like the large trucks with the flares body panels and would prefer a small truck, long bed, square body style.

Anyway, my question is:
What is the best, most reliable square body pickup that I can get? I make 10 bucks an hour so it can't be very expensive and I want to pay cash and not have killer insurance/gas prices.
This is my biggest deterrent from getting a c-10

Im pretty handy, and fairly mechanical inclined, so I don't mind getting a truck that needs minor work, as long as it runs.

Ps: I love the c-10 models, second place is a tie of s10 and ranger/f150.
Hello from Minnesota. I think you answered your own question, I was going to say a square nose Chevy/GM! Or an early to mid 80's Dodge with a slant 6 or a 318, will last forever, not the fastest but will go til most of us are long gone. Early 80's rangers/f100/f150's with the 300 6 cylinder engine is the choice for the blue oval. Or, if you can find a Toyota, the little boxy ones from the 80's, they aren't the most powerful, but they will go forever too. Those would be what I'd look for. Good luck, and let us know what you end up getting!
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I have to agree with Locu, with what he picked you should be able to find a good ride. Check out the Dakota's also, most have the 3.9l V6. Should get ok gas mileage