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  1. P


    WANTED: DODGE TRUCK MIRRORS RT/LFT Need them complete. My mirror is too badly scratched. Would like to just get an entire unit. Need both sides. Mirror area must be in great cond. No large scratches or staining. Not tons of pits on chrome base, some okay. MANY THANKS!!!! :moparsmiley:
  2. J

    FOR SALE $4499 2005 Dodge RAM 1500 2WD 4 Door 6ft Bed

    Looking to sell my grandpas Dodge that I inherited when he passed away. If it wasnt for the fact I goto school 300 miles away in a very snowy environment I would keep it. But here I am, hoping to pass it one to someone who would get more use out of it than me. It is still in really good...
  3. wedgeheaded

    SOLD 2006 Ram SLT QC 4x4 $6500. Friendly, WV

    I've had this truck 7 yrs and it's been a great truck with working 4x4. With the 4.7 it was underpowered so I added a programer and gave it a performance tune, which helped, so it uses high test gas. It now has just over 202000 miles and counting. I had the trans rebuilt at 160,000. I replaced...
  4. J

    Need opinion for first truck

    Hey all, I'm new here and need some opinions from people who know more than I do . I'm 19, and I'm looking for a first truck. Only reason I'm getting a truck is bc I work with a contractor and will constantly be having a lot of tools with me. I really don't like the large trucks with the flares...
  5. StrokerMan

    Old Blue... He LIVES?

    This is the story of Old Blue. My fiance decided it would be a good idea to browse the internet for a project truck (not that we need another with my 82 D250 and 73 Duster sitting across town in storage waiting for their turn).... we found one, and she suggested we go halfs and buy it... In all...
  6. LocuMob

    84 RamCharger windshield interchange

    I have a windshield from an 84 RamCharger and need to know what else it fits so I can get rid of it! I'm pretty sure it's different than my 72, so I'll not be needing it.