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  1. RobotRedfish

    WANTED Willing to Buy (FL): Toyota Tacoma/Tundra or F-150/Ranger under 150k miles

    Hey guys, I am new here but wanted to say I'm in the market for a Toyota Pickup or Ford F-150/Ranger with under 150k miles. I live in Tampa FL. I'm a medical student with a 7 month boy at home so unfortunately my budget is pretty limited (can't really go higher than 4500, but I'd be willing to...
  2. J

    Need opinion for first truck

    Hey all, I'm new here and need some opinions from people who know more than I do . I'm 19, and I'm looking for a first truck. Only reason I'm getting a truck is bc I work with a contractor and will constantly be having a lot of tools with me. I really don't like the large trucks with the flares...