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  1. J

    Need opinion for first truck

    Hey all, I'm new here and need some opinions from people who know more than I do . I'm 19, and I'm looking for a first truck. Only reason I'm getting a truck is bc I work with a contractor and will constantly be having a lot of tools with me. I really don't like the large trucks with the flares...
  2. PutBackPat

    Leveling kit for 2016 Sierra

    I am considering putting a 2.25" Readylift leveling kit on my Sierra, but I am concerned that it might appear "nose-high." Is this a valid concern? How big of a load in the bed would cause the rear to sag to this point? Any other concerns with this kit (size, brand or general issues with leveling)?
  3. PutBackPat

    Black Wheels

    I'm considering getting black wheels for my GMC Sierra. It's black with chrome grill, front bumper, door handles, window trim, and the current stock wheels. Thoughts on whether or not this would look good? Also, would buying new black wheels or painting/powder coating the current wheels be best...