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It is starting

It was 40 when I left work and his morning. I felt great, hoping I get used to the cold like I got used to the heat this year.
It's 48 right now, higher 60's forecasted for tomorrow. 70 on Saturday. I will need to mow again by Monday, the grass is growing like it's spring.
A string of 80° days to ring in October. Great for some riding on the new bike I got through work. It was cheap for me, and I'll get some much needed exercise. Plant shutdown in a week and a half, hoping it stays in the upper 60's, lower 70's.
Rained yesterday and some today, high 60's today. Temps are supposed to be going up, 70's tomorrow, high 70's Friday and Saturday. 80's Sunday and into next week
Great weather today, warm but not to warm. I got all the prep work done on the my deck, it's finally ready for the deck restore paint