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It is starting

We got this yesterday. Still here, but should be gone soon as the 40's will stick around this week.

It snowed Sunday afternoon, quite cold Tuesday morning at 13 degrees, and warmed up by Thursday to 45. It rained all day Friday. Sunday afternoon snow, we ended up with a couple of inches, it's gone now though

First snow.jpg
Still up to 40 in the day, got down to 6 the other night. It's fine as long as there's no wind.
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50's Friday and today, I haven't looked to see what the temp's are going to be next week. I was going to hang the plow on my plow truck today, but I found some rust that needed to be repaired. The frame where a crossmember attaches had holes in it. The steering box is on one side and the front of the lower control arms attach to this crossmember. It's repaired now, but a different truck my be in my future

Rt side
98 patch.jpg

Lf side
98 patch 2.jpg

Quick sloppy welds, they will function well, they just don't look pretty
51 and rain for Christmas! I'll take it, beats the alternative of a bunch of white stuff my back can't handle. Merry Christmas everyone.
Merry Christmas everyone, warm and foggy with temps in the mid 50's. My son stopped out this morning and took his dirt bike out for a rip. I just got the rear tire changed, I haven't done one in about 30 yrs and I am way out of practice. I need some better tools if we need to do more. Tire spoons and a wheel stand to start with, those would have made it a lot easier.
It finally stopped raining, I think it's been raining since Tuesday. The temp has cooled down a little, back into the 30's from the 40's and 50's
It's been dry this last week, temps cooled down back closer to normal, 30's with 20's overnight. Weatherman says snow is finally coming next week.
Plow and salter are on the truck and ready to go.

Snow overnight into tomorrow morning, but switching to rain then back to snow in the evening. Boo on the rain, but if it stays cold enough🤔
Light snow Tuesday morning and it did turn to rain, it cooled down in the evening and turned back to light snow. I came out to some light snow and a covering on the roads this morning. I came home for lunch and one of the side roads was very icy, I slowed down for a turning car and when I was speeding back up, the back end of my Colorado spun around, I ended up backwards, between some trees with the nose of the truck pointing up hill towards the road. I put it in 4wd backed down into the field and drove up a lower point of the incline back onto the road. It's just by the grace of God that I didn't hit any of the trees. I will stop and get some pic's tomorrow
We got an inch or two the other day, with some wind. They say it's gonna get cold for a week or so. So far so good, I can't handle short bursts of the cold, so let's ng as it's not for a month straight..
It's snowing right now, I don't know for sure what were going to get. I have heard conflicting forecasts for snow totals.

This is the view up the road before my truck went sideways and I went into the ditch the other day


I split the gap between these trees and the truck was backwards going down hill


After I backed down into the field, I drove out in this area and back onto the road


My son asked me why I didn't have it in 4wd? Because I told him when he drove it to work one winter, that the backend will spin out easily, he said I didn't follow my own advice