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It is starting

It was hot Tuesday, Wednesday and part of yesterday, high 80's - 90's, thunderstorms rolled in and cooled it down, 70's today. Beautiful
Thunderstorms rolled through about 3 this afternoon, cleared up and looked good, we had a softball game at 7 and more rain rolled in. Cut our game short
Day started out nice and then I started working. At least it was at home. Got the trash cleaned out of the kitchen and one corner of the shop cleaned out before filling the dumpster bag. Still have some concrete to load and then it will be off to unload in the morning.
We have a lot of rain lately, so much that the back of my yard, near the field is still soaked. I have had deer coming into the yard, the corn is up to the edge of my yard. They come in eat the grass and apples from the trees. I zoomed in with 2 of the pictures so they blurred a little. i guess I need an I phone for better pics

Deer 1.jpg

Deer 2.jpg

Deer 3.jpg
Finally got some rain last night, and some more today. High is 68, only 15 degrees less than yesterday.
More rain today, the way it's going my yard is never going to dry out. Only hit the high 60's today and temp's forecasted for high 60's tomorrow. Later in the week back to the 80's
We got some afternoon rain today, had a little last night. Another light show before the rain. Humid out in the garage, but there's a breeze from time to time.
Thunderstorm and high winds this morning about 4:30 lasted about an hour. Appears I slept most of the day. Must have been tired. It turned humid this afternoon.
Truck battery went cap put this week. Will have to take it back the NAPA and see what warranty is left. Not sure why these things don't run on 7.8 volts.
I needed to test the pressure washer out after getting it back together yesterday. So, the Ram got a bath this evening after two years of white paint barnacle growth. I have two white vehicles and wonder why this only occurs on white paint. The Ram is also red and it never happens on the red paint.
A quick break in the heat, had some cool days and a couple hitter, windy, humid days. Down in the mid 70's now, but it's going to be pushing 95 or better for the weekend into next week. Going to work a bunch more overtime so I'll be on for two weeks, two days off then five more on.

The '72 won't be coming out of storage this year, but I hope to have it out early next spring. Been a weird year for the fleet, and I have lots to make up for in repairs and maintenance. Gotta love being an adult.
Rained again today, should be clear for the weekend. 70's tomorrow, high 70's Saturday and high 80's Sunday. No rain forecasted until Wednesday. Maybe my yard will start to dry out
92 with 65% humidity (been dropping all day) and they say it feels like 110. I'm about to go now my lawn after I finish this beer.
It's been dry for over 4 days, I got my whole lawn mowed. The area's that were wet, dried enough to mow the grass without getting stuck.
This pic is a little blurry, but this is the super blue moon from a few nights ago

Super blue moon.jpg

This was on a Chevy truck that came in this week

Chevy truck shock.jpg

He got all the life out of this one.

I picked this up from a friend of mine today

Helmet, bottle.jpg
Fall is coming, temps have been in the 60's the last couple days, some rain yesterday. Overcast today, but dry. Mowed most of my lawn after work today, I will finish it tomorrow night after work