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It is starting

It was 40 when I left work and his morning. I felt great, hoping I get used to the cold like I got used to the heat this year.
It's 48 right now, higher 60's forecasted for tomorrow. 70 on Saturday. I will need to mow again by Monday, the grass is growing like it's spring.
A string of 80° days to ring in October. Great for some riding on the new bike I got through work. It was cheap for me, and I'll get some much needed exercise. Plant shutdown in a week and a half, hoping it stays in the upper 60's, lower 70's.
Rained yesterday and some today, high 60's today. Temps are supposed to be going up, 70's tomorrow, high 70's Friday and Saturday. 80's Sunday and into next week
Great weather today, warm but not to warm. I got all the prep work done on the my deck, it's finally ready for the deck restore paint
Fall is here, 50's and 60's all week, it started raining yesterday and continued until late this afternoon
Looks like we could have soon frozen water this week. Nothing I am going to worry about until lows dip into the twenties.
I got kicked out somehow, but as @7mopar said, not much has changed. Weather finally came around to the season, but we had the last nice day today, about 70 and very little breeze. Got a spot cleaned out for the wagon at the storage unit, so I'm good car-wise forbhe season.
Somewhat, but then I bought a bunch of parts so it's a mess again.
I kind of gotten a pathway from front to back and finally after all these years installed a light with a switch. No more plugging in overhead lights.
Makes quite a difference not to have to worry about what can be stumbled over in the dark trying to turn lights on.
Not sure why keeping a shop and tool room clean is such a problem.
Well winter is here. Had our first freezing temperature this morning. Then we had to switch propane tanks halfway through fixing breakfast.
Went 4 months this summer on one 30# tank. The last one lasted 3 weeks, I think. If it doesn't warn up this one maybe last 3 days. All depends on how much the wind blows.
Today was the start of the cool down, only high 40's to low 50's, Thursday was 70. I had to get on the roof and repair the ridge cap, a couple of the cap shingles came off the ridge vent.
Yesterday evening before work.


Today before work.


Got the warning, get your shit together! Might be able to get one last mowing in to get rid of some of those leaves.
40's forecasted for the week, I think my grass will finally quite growing. I should get the last mowing for the year in on Saturday