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SOLD 2006 Ram SLT QC 4x4 $6500. Friendly, WV

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Feb 12, 2012
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I've had this truck 7 yrs and it's been a great truck with working 4x4. With the 4.7 it was underpowered so I added a programer and gave it a performance tune, which helped, so it uses high test gas. It now has just over 202000 miles and counting. I had the trans rebuilt at 160,000. I replaced the OE starter about a month ago and the muffler last spring and the bed cover this past summer. In the last 2-3 yrs it has gotten a new steering rack, axles/CV joints, brakes and rotors. It's been puffing smoke on a cold start but doesn't seem to be using oil, so I guessing valve seals. The sway bar end links are needing replaced as it's been thumping. The worst part of the truck is the rear bumper but I have a new one in the box. It's just starting to blister around the rear wheel arches but the flares cover it. (I sprayed used motor oil into the bed sides several times during my ownership to retard rust.) It has Bilstein leveling shocks up front with a 3" body lift, Black Rock wheels and 315/70/17 BFG KO2 tires with 1/2 or better tread. Rear seat has a small tear and the front has a worn spot. The AC works as does the AM/FM CD player, PW, PM, PDL, and PS with exception to the up function on the seat. It's a very well kept truck and has gotten what it needs when it needed it. KBB lists this truck between $7500-$9700 private party sale. Cash, no trades.


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