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  1. Dan Mckillip

    71, F250 4x4, Highboy engine trans pull help

    Preparing to pull engine/trans as one. Already pulled rad, all engine accessories, shift levers, access plate above trans, exh manifolds, dist, carb, water pump, Unbolted trans mnt & trans mnt x-member. Question: do I need to pull the x-member under the trans(4 bolts per side) I hope not, but...
  2. johnw

    Power wagon

    I want to save this from crusher but don’t have time to restore
  3. T

    2007 4x4 f-350 outlaw 4dr = forsale

    10'' lift 15x40'' tires …..bought extras ,cross drilled rotor hd brakes , 50 gal fuel tank ,drop down hitch , stand for front of truck to work on engine . bought it from Texas and has No Rust and notice it had no catalic converter or muffler... live in California so I never drove the truck but...
  4. J

    1998 XLT 4.0 4wd Issue

    I have been having an issue with 4wd on my 1998 Ranger XLT 4.0L. I decided I have to finally get it resolved after my son got it stuck in 4wd low yesterday. I had tried many things I found online with coasting it in neutral to pop it out. That used to work, however it no longer does. Yesterday...
  5. dkinworthy

    Next Project 1965 F100 4x4

  6. lookingforpowerwagon

    FOR SALE 84 Dodge w150 360 exhaust manifolds $100

    Rusty but trusty, these were taken off my sons truck. It is his daily driver, we put headers on it and I was hoping someone could use these manifolds. Part numbers are in the pics, willing to ship at additional expense. Located in Akron OH, zip code 44312. $100 or best offer
  7. wedgeheaded

    SOLD 2006 Ram SLT QC 4x4 $6500. Friendly, WV

    I've had this truck 7 yrs and it's been a great truck with working 4x4. With the 4.7 it was underpowered so I added a programer and gave it a performance tune, which helped, so it uses high test gas. It now has just over 202000 miles and counting. I had the trans rebuilt at 160,000. I replaced...
  8. K

    91 Dakota towing limits?

    So I have my eyes on a project car, one that's a bit hard to find, and if I can come through for funding then I can jump on it. Only thing holding me up besides funding is figuring out the logistics of hauling it home. The details: the car is approx. 2900lbs factory stated weight. The trip is...
  9. Tallhair's 99 Durango

    Tallhair's 99 Durango

    99 Dodge Durango 4X4, 5.2L (318) Intense Blue Pearl. Bought this Durango new in San Antonio in Dec 99 when the new 2000 models were out. It's got about 78K on now and is my present daily driver. Been with me to England and was pretty handy when buying antique furniture over there at auctions...