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New member from California need help


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Mar 21, 2021
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Hey everybody, I’m a new member from California with a 1990 Dodge D150. I’m wondering once I have it up and running again what would be the best way to go about making some more power on a budget? I’m not making much money at the moment but I’m looking to build a street/strip truck. i have the 318 small block bone stock. Also wondering what cam I would be able to run on the stock motor for more low end torque and better sound and if anybody has any tips on removing and installing freeze plugs?
Welcome from the Mitten. What kind of skill level do you have? I may say the freeze plugs are easy, but I have been doing this for a long time. Are you planning on doing all of them or only the ones leaking?
I have a bit of experience but it’s my first time doing freeze plugs and I plan on replacing all of the ones for the block with the brass plugs. I’ve heard it easier with an air hammer but I figured I’d get some opinions before I do anything.
I will drive one side into the hole to turn it sideways then pull it out with a pry bar or grip it with vice grips and pry it out. The new ones I coat the edge with permatex and drive into place with a freeze plug tool or a large socket that fits around the edge of the plug.

Are you limited to cam choice for emissions reasons?
Unfortunately I’m pretty sure I am, they revoked the 25 year emissions law so now i have to pass emissions. but I am probably going to end up doing illegal smog either way to be honest.