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1998 XLT 4.0 4wd Issue

J. Jenkins

New Member
Feb 25, 2019
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North Carolina
I have been having an issue with 4wd on my 1998 Ranger XLT 4.0L. I decided I have to finally get it resolved after my son got it stuck in 4wd low yesterday. I had tried many things I found online with coasting it in neutral to pop it out. That used to work, however it no longer does. Yesterday, I tried something different that I was not able to find on the internet. I noticed the 4wd light were flashing 5 to 6 times. So I left the truck in 4wd low and disconnected the battery. I left the battery disconnected for about 5 minutes. Reconnected and started the truck. This time the 4wd low light stayed on. I switch it to 4wd high and the truck switched over successfully. However, when I tried to go to 2wd the lights started flashing again. So, I left the truck switched to 4wd high, disconnected and reconnected the battery again. Started the truck and the dash indicated it was in 4wd high. I was then able to switch the truck to 2wd successfully. Would this all indicate that my shift motor is bad or going bad?
Need to check to see if there are any codes in the transfer case control module.