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Tallhair's 99 Durango

99 Dodge Durango 4X4, 5.2L (318) Intense Blue Pearl
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Durango 4X4

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99 Dodge Durango 4X4, 5.2L (318) Intense Blue Pearl. Bought this Durango new in San Antonio in Dec 99 when the new 2000 models were out. It's got about 78K on now and is my present daily driver. Been with me to England and was pretty handy when buying antique furniture over there at auctions and 'boot sales'.


Nice looking ride. I have an Atlantic blue 02 Durango that I bought new and didn't have the heart to trade it in. Great vehicle that served me well.
That's a good looking little Durango, but...........you took it to England with you? Wow, that's some serious carry on!
That right there is a very nizze looking Dodge Durango ! Congratulations on a tide and true blue machine :) memikie likie !
Well let me thank you for keeping me safe to enjoy my days I have been given tallhair. My dad was in the AF as well, Phote engineer back in the day, flew over area's to pick good area's to build M.A.S.H units and landing area's .
Thanks Kiwi .. I need replacement running board support brackets .. originals are rusting badly (I think this was a design flaw). I'd also like to find a new tail gate/rear door preferably the same color.

Also needs a new front bumper .. really cheap ass design too as it's rusting at the attaching point on pass side. They are available as aftermarket. I hear later ones are plastic covered and an improved design so not too worried about the bumper but I do need to find some replacement running boards. I'd like to stay with the same factory optional ones but may get some black aftermarket tube style or something.

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