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Ford vs Dodge vs Chevy/GMS


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Jul 18, 2020
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Seville, OH
I currently own a FORD F150. My lease is up I am have been test driving the other brands as well. This is a company vehicle and they allow me to tow but I will not have any other options than what is listed below. We tow a camper (8K) and are trying to compare. I am looking for 'true' numbers, not just what they tell you at the dealer. Anyone who has any ideas I'd appreciate the opinions.
a experience with these 3 trucks, I would like to know which one you think tows better
*Ford F150 (5.0 liter)
*Dodge Ram 1500 (5.7 Hemi) (non-air suspension)
*Chevy/GMC 1500 (5.3 V8)
My major concerns are
*Gas Mileage both towing and non-towing
*How do they handle towing 8K camper
-tongue weight (800 lbs) and bed filled with wood and camping supplies
-sway...how do they feel

I've owned all three.
My observation has been that the GM 5.3L gets the best all around mpg's. Ram would be next, and Ford would be third.
The GM's get around 18mpg's, Dodge around 16, and Ford around 15mpg over all.

The Ram has the most HP and (more importantly) Torque, the GM is next, and then the Ford.

I've never pulled a camper with any of mine, but I have pulled enclosed equipment trailers, and a car transport trailer, all over the country, but mostly up and down the east coast.
My personal favorite of the Three was the GMC Sierra. To me it offered the best loaded, and empty mpg, and the most comfortable ride with, or without towing.

I understand that Ford trucks with Turbo charged V6's offer excellent mpg's, and power, and are capable of towing trailers with better response and mpg's than Ford's 5.0L v8. I cannot attest to that as I have no experience with with the TC-V6.

Personally, I'm considering a new purchase of a 3/4 ton (2500) Diesel pick up, and I'm only considering the Dodge with a Commins 6 cylinder diesel, or the Chevy/GMC with the Izusu 8 cyl. Diesel.