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  1. A

    Max Towing within 1/2 ton Pickup Gas Trucks

    Hello All, New to the forum, have a question while researching for a gas pickup truck for family and also great on towing when needed. Yes 1/2 ton Crew cab so all can fit in when needed and also not so high up so easy in and out better than most of the 3/4 tons available in the market. Within...
  2. T

    Ford vs Dodge vs Chevy/GMS

    I currently own a FORD F150. My lease is up I am have been test driving the other brands as well. This is a company vehicle and they allow me to tow but I will not have any other options than what is listed below. We tow a camper (8K) and are trying to compare. I am looking for 'true' numbers...
  3. K

    91 Dakota towing limits?

    So I have my eyes on a project car, one that's a bit hard to find, and if I can come through for funding then I can jump on it. Only thing holding me up besides funding is figuring out the logistics of hauling it home. The details: the car is approx. 2900lbs factory stated weight. The trip is...
  4. Connor Arnold

    Trying to find the right truck

    Ideally I want something big enough to tow a gooseneck stock trailer for horses. I'm trying to figure out advantages to diesels vs gassers. The pros and cons to the different diesel engine's. Duramax, Powerstroke, Cummins. Pros and cons to 2 wheel drive vs 4 wheel drive. I will most likely tow...