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1st Gen 1998 Dodge Durango Problems

The 5th and 7th plug wires were taken out today but the 5th wire broke, see pictures. However the 7th wire looked kinda nasty inside, again see pictures. We rednecked up a couple '67 318 plug wires to fit temporarily and cleared the misfire code to see if that does the trick, sure enough it seems to. I took it for a ride and no missing while under load and driving at least that I noticed and no check engine light. I think all I'm gonna do is get new wires and plugs and I should be all set....


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Would not a bad crank sensor throw a code? I know it did as early as 93.
Not always
And I've had the crank sensor out of my 01 (360, same setup as yours) and I had better access to it by taking out the plastic wheel well. I had to pull the transmission and it's common to smack the crank sensor upon reinstall and damaging it so I pulled it out to avoid that. Money is short, I can't afford collateral damage....glad to see you got a good brand, they were who Chrysler sources them from back in the day. Same thing you would get if you bought over the dealer parts counter
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They sometimes set a code but not always. When the one quit in my 97 1/2 ton it set a code 11. When the one on my 96 Dakota died I had no codes.