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classic dodge

  1. isaacpavao

    Tips on starting a sitting truck

    My project dodge with a Chevy 350 had been sitting for 13 years. Any advice to get this thing running
  2. isaacpavao

    Old lifted dodge project HELP

    Hello this is my first project and I’d like to get some advice. It’s a 1967 dodge 200 power wagon with a Chevy small block 350 in it. Already has a lift big enough to fit 44 super swampers on it. I would like to get it running then turn it into a off-road mudding rig. Any advice for getting this...
  3. isaacpavao

    Thoughts on restoring a 1967 dodge 200 Power wagon

    Hello, I have acquired a 1967 dodge 200 power wagon with a engine swap for a Chevy 350 I believe. It is lifted and comes with a set of 44 super swampers. It’s a beast. The truck has been sitting in a field for 13 years. I know my way around an engine, but this will be my first project and I’m...
  4. 8

    FOR SALE Mopar NOS 4 Terminal Ballast Resistors For Sale, Part No. 3874767

    For Sale on ebay; here's the link: US MADE MOPAR Plymouth Dodge NEW 4-Prong Ballast Resistor PN 3874767 1971-Newer | eBay Mopar Part Number 3874767 - US Made NOS/NORS (New Old Stock/New Old Replacement Stock) Four-Post Ballast Resistor for all Mopars (Dodge, Plymouth, Chrysler), for late...
  5. paul massaro

    maybe buying a bunch 46-47 dodge p/us n parts

    a friend of mine has sold his house and don't want to take his stuff , so i'm looking at it . i'll be selling off some of the stuff , don't need it all . hate to just scrap it . pm me if you see something .
  6. Bart K

    Looking for some help/information on this Dodge truck I found.

    I have come across what I believe to be a 1966 or 1967 Stepside Dodge PU. It appears to have a V8 and a 4 speed. I think it is a D100. I am attaching a few pics and would like to know anything about it anyone could tell me, especially around value as a project and completed. I really like this...
  7. Martythetrimmer

    1967 VC DODGE UTE

    While you didn't get these in the US they are based on the 1967 Valiant and share many parts...the utes only come with a slantie with the base model (Dodge) only having a manual trans option, no heater and painted bumpers and hub caps....the body has extra reinforcing and came factory with big...