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Mystical Hesitation with my 4.2L V6


Mr. Fix it

So here is what i have been dealing with for about 5 months now.

I have a 2008 F150 4.2L v6 and so far I have replaced the fuel pump module, Air filter, fuel filter and added a number of fuel additives to try to cure this on & off again hesitation.
I have cleaned the Throttle body and the MAF as well.
Some days it runs great and others it hesitates under light load.
It had a crappy aftermarket air filter so I thought this did the trick when it ran like a scared rabbit for 3 days.
Also the fuel filter had a high content of H2O when I blew it out as it seemed to be plugged.

If I start the truck and it warms up for a few minutes then chances are it won't hesitate.
If I pump the gas pedal a few times firmly before cranking the engine it won't hesitate or there is a better chance it won't.

I hate throwing money around hoping to see if this will fix the problem since I am a bit strapped right now.
It's a very slight hesitation so it hasn't left me on the side of the road or smacked my face into the steering wheel with any violent bucking..

Anyone have any suggestions?