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    What's a tailgate worth, and what year trucks does it fit?

    I had a nice '77 F150. It died on Labor day, caught in a wildfire. I had it repainted back in 2004, then put a canopy on it with full rear doors...so no need for a tailgate. The tailgate has been sitting in my garage for 15 years or so. It's in excellent shape. I just listed it on...
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    2007 Ford F150 XLT Supercab; Immaculate One Owner; Low Miles; Must See!

    2007 FORD F150 XLT SUPERCAB 6.5 Ft. Short Bed; 2WD. 50,000 Original Miles; One Owner! Price: $14,900 FOB: Bloomington, IL. For complete details and to view lots of photos; please visit the following web link: 2007 Ford F150 For Sale It truly is an immaculate and beautiful truck that is like...
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    Mystical Hesitation with my 4.2L V6

    So here is what i have been dealing with for about 5 months now. I have a 2008 F150 4.2L v6 and so far I have replaced the fuel pump module, Air filter, fuel filter and added a number of fuel additives to try to cure this on & off again hesitation. I have cleaned the Throttle body and the MAF...