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my 1970 F100

Cheap headers



750DP and a Performer. Chokes not hooked up but it dont need it. The cam is a Comp with 211/223 @ .050 and 484/510 on a 110. Big dump truck mufflers and a 2 1/2" driveway exhaust system. Typical 460. 80 pounds oil pressure cold at idle and about 15 warmed up.



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Its a .030 over 73' Low compression 460. Measured out at 8.3:1. D3 heads I spent some time with a die grinder and back cut the valves. I have about $1500 in the whole motor. Trans is a used C6 from a van with a Transgo stage 2 kit. Works great.
I still have a mopar. I picked up this 49' 4 door for a song and and a dance. Im just going to get it running and drive it.

my 383 came from a rolled over polara but it was a 69 rr motor all rebuilt i just added a manifold and headers . the 440 in my 69 d200 crew was estate sale of a 70 new york'r with 36k showing , nice car hated to cut it up . i added a few parts to it , but its a stock 350 hp 440 . thats the la 318 that was in it .




Minor update. I put a Pertronix Ignitor kit in it Last week. Drove it to work all week. The difference is amazing. Cold starts are way better and it just purrs on the freeway.
Another minor update. Got rid of the Pertronix setup and put in a MSD stand alone distributor. Works great. Also changed out the Performer and 750 for a RPM and a 800 dp. Runs great
cool truck, my dad had the same truck when I was growing up but red. around 1977 to 1980, was rusted so bad (unlike yours) the old man put gate hinges on the hood and had a broom handle to prop the hood. must have followed behind a salt truck for its like before he got it. truck ran great, remember my old man trying to sell it for $50, and a guy offering $35, times sure have changed