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my 1970 F100


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May 22, 2011
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Santa Rosa, Ca
I just traded my 92 Bronco for this little gem. Zero rust, and the body isn't too bad. It has a 351w and a 3 speed.

Cool Truck,
I got a 1970 F250 and 1971 F250,but they have been sitting for years.

truck 011.jpg

truck 014.jpg

truck 010.jpg
Definatly lots of good potential there...... as I've always liked the 67 to 72 style Ford truck's.
A few updates. Undoing some of the previous owners work.

Changed the oil and found out the dipstick is wrong. Only got two quarts out of it at the full mark.

Basic tune up. Very pleased with the Windsor. Smooth and strong.

Got the converted 3 speed floor shift to work good. It's amazing how good they work when you take the slop out of them. Still trying to figure out what version of the 3.03 I have here. First gear is kinda steep with the 3.25 rear.

Next, the drums come off for inspection of the brakes. The MC and hoses have already been done, but I want to make sure everything else is ok.
For now I'm just fixing all the little stuff. Mostly squeaks, rattles, and other weird noises. I've been driving it everyday for about two weeks now. The Windsor and 3 speed work pretty good with the 3.25's in the rear. My long term plan is to keep it mostly stock and get the body as cherry as I can. Maybe lower it a little and put some wheels on it, but I want to keep it functional as a truck. It has no rust worth talking about and the more I look at it not too many dents either.
Trying to decide what color would look good. Pretty sure it's not going to be the original boxwood green.
Looks to be in good shape, and have to agree love the short bed! I think mine is going to get cut down.... :becky:
It's really impressive how these old Ford trucks just keep on going.

I almost forgot about this place till I saw the post on FBBO. Truck still looks the same, but I put a 460/C6 in it and changed the wheels. I'll try to get pics after work.
Well I guess it does look a little different. Most of the black primer has washed off.
I did the axle pivot and radius arm bushings, and rebuilt the drum brakes. King pins were still tight. Still has the original 28 spline 3.25 traction lock and I need to do the leaf spring bushings. I also found some of the missing emblems.
I drive it about half the time and haul stuff with it. It has more torque than the stock chassis can handle buts its fun to drive.


No power steering, one belt. CVF pulleys, HD Ford fan clutch, Chrysler fan. Stock Ford radiator and shroud. Works great.