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LED Headlights for '99 F350


Apr 2, 2022
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South Carolina
We have a '99 F350 but the headlights are really cloudy, and not very bright. Like seriously, the bright lights are no different than the dim. Does anyone have any suggestions for lights that are easy to install at home? Preferably LED
If they are "cloudy" did you go to ANY of your local auto parts store and get one of there headlamp cleaner kits? They are, at most places called "headlamp restoration kit'. Basically your are buffing the "cloudy" part away, just like buffing paint. they work great! two bits of information though : 1) make sure the kit has the glaze or sealer with it, if not - make sure you get it. Once you are done this goes on so it won't happen again - like waxing your car after buffing. Kits usually about $15-20. sealer if seperate $?, but also inexpensive. Go online and you can watch a video about it. Again "Headlamp Restoration".
2) DON'T be Scared when you first start it will look very bad, by the time you are done ( if you FOLLOW DIRECTIONS) great. like using 80grit paper to sand the wood and working your way to 400 grit before varnish is applied. DO NOT SKIP STEPS!
I have been using the original replacement on my Ranger check this headlamp this might help you make choices and if you prefer other brands or an aftermarket ones I can recommend you check on eBay.