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  1. OldMcDonald

    LED Headlights for '99 F350

    We have a '99 F350 but the headlights are really cloudy, and not very bright. Like seriously, the bright lights are no different than the dim. Does anyone have any suggestions for lights that are easy to install at home? Preferably LED
  2. OldMcDonald

    Large Horn on '99 F350

    I have a '99 F350 and I have a large alarm horn (non air) from an old warehouse. The horn is 120V AC which obviously doesn't match up with 12V DC. So I need some suggestions for a good inverter, and I need to know where I can fit the horn. it's probably 1.5' - 2' long. The truck has a 7.3l so I...
  3. Jordan Anstey

    Where Did You Buy Your Tonneau Cover?

    Hey everyone! Welcome to this Tonneau Cover thread. Looking to purchase another Tonneau Cover for my 2018 F250 XLT. I know there are a few sites but wondering where you guys have purchased in the past and where to find the best deals? I've heard that http://www.TonneauCovers.com has really good...