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It is starting

The week started out in the 80's and ended in the high 60's. I have to mow tomorrow and rain is forecasted, here's hoping it will wait until late evening
Weatherman said rain Saturday afternoon and they were correct. I had to finish a little mowing, I was done by 3 and about 3:30 it was raining. It rained until about 9:30. Beautiful sunny day today, 2 of my sons friends came out to do some shooting, they brought their guns and my kid got out his.
Have gotten nothing done vehicle wise. Been working on plans for a building project. Should have it off tomorrow for approval and the next step.
Been nothing but hot and humid here but with a small shower here and there which makes the humidity worse when the sun comes back out. Got most of the place mowed yesterday after working for several days to clean up the mess of tree trimmings that the power company did and left it lay. With all the storm damage in the Houston area, the crews are busy as bees and they said that it could be more than 2 weeks before they could clean it up. But to top that off, the power was shut down so the trim crew could work without fear of getting zapped. The power was supposed to be off for 5 hours but someone dropped the ball and it ended up being off for 23 1/2 hours! Well, my generator needed to be run anyways.