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It is starting

The week started out in the 80's and ended in the high 60's. I have to mow tomorrow and rain is forecasted, here's hoping it will wait until late evening
Weatherman said rain Saturday afternoon and they were correct. I had to finish a little mowing, I was done by 3 and about 3:30 it was raining. It rained until about 9:30. Beautiful sunny day today, 2 of my sons friends came out to do some shooting, they brought their guns and my kid got out his.
Have gotten nothing done vehicle wise. Been working on plans for a building project. Should have it off tomorrow for approval and the next step.
Been nothing but hot and humid here but with a small shower here and there which makes the humidity worse when the sun comes back out. Got most of the place mowed yesterday after working for several days to clean up the mess of tree trimmings that the power company did and left it lay. With all the storm damage in the Houston area, the crews are busy as bees and they said that it could be more than 2 weeks before they could clean it up. But to top that off, the power was shut down so the trim crew could work without fear of getting zapped. The power was supposed to be off for 5 hours but someone dropped the ball and it ended up being off for 23 1/2 hours! Well, my generator needed to be run anyways.
We had some funnel clouds and maybe even a few small tornados near me today. I slept right through it all.
I know someone else in the Houston area. They have been on vacation. Hope they don't come home to a mess.
Depends on what part of the area they live in.....seems the worst of it was across the north side starting in the NW side and moved across to the east to Baytown.
We've been getting hit with some pretty good storms. Had some heavy rain I got the privilege of driving through, at night. Hydroplaning a little here and there, nothing the old minivan couldn't handle. More rain today, and a lot of branches down around town. Rain forecast the entire week. Perfect for taking my Polara to Illinois! Better out the passenger side wiper back on.
Hot and humid. Even though it cooled outside into the upper 70's there was on wind it move the heat out inside. Sweating all night doesn't make for good sleeping weather.
The week started hot and humid, temps in the 90's, late Monday afternoon a thunderstorm rolled through. Lots of branches down, a couple houses in town ended up with trees on them. Yesterday and today, still hot and humid temps in the 90's, but it's supposed to cool down a little, 80's with a little less humidity
Some branches down around town, my neighbor who just rebuilt his house due to fire, had a large branch fall right next to the house. My other neighbor said we got 5" on Saturday alone.
Every time it rains the humidity gets higher. Garden has weeds that need to be pulled. Nothing is getting done on count of the mud. Grass is almost a foot high in places. But man it's great to be retired.
Yesterday was humid again, temp in the 80's with humidity in the 90% range. I did a water pump and timing belt for my buddy's son in law on his 09 Eclipse and man was it hot in my shed. I did the job 3 1/2 yrs ago at work and the water pump failed with 25,000 on it. I can get the parts warrantied, but of course they won't pay labor. I am so far out at work I just decided to do it here at home, it was the fastest way to get him the car back. Today was cooler with a nice breeze, I had a nice nap this afternoon:)
I am getting much slower doing things. Started a water pump and timing belt change in the 99 Avenger last November and finished it just a few weeks ago. Still need to finish a differential pan leak. Was hoping to get at that this week. If the air ratchet fits it should make short work of removing a whole bunch of bolts.
Yesterday was 69, today was in the 70's. Nice change from last week. Thunderstorms for tomorrow with temps in the 80's. I have a car to work on at the shop, so I hope it's not too humid
It was humid today, rain scattered about. Grass is growing like crazy. Need to fix the mower and the trimmer.
We had a beautiful day yesterday, sunny, upper 60's, light breeze, and low humidity. It's going to be another nice day today, with temps just pushing 70.
Saturday was humid and temps in the 80's. I did get the car torn down. 15 Buick Encore 1.4, found a cracked piston and lots of play in the turbo. I am going to order parts tomorrow. I was hoping to get everything so I can put it together next weekend. Cool down today with a high of 69
I don't work Saturday's so the boss decided to close Friday giving us a nice long weekend. Thursday I kinda just sat around and didn't do much, then the kid's came over and we cooked out. Friday I mowed the church in the morning then started putting the engine back together in the Encore. It was in 80's outside so I keep the doors shut at the shop and the temps stayed in the high 70's inside. Today I finished the rest of the work on the Encore, temps in the 80's again so I kept the shop closed up again. I got it finished up and it's now home.

Broken piston
Piston 3.jpg


These little piston pin clips can be a whole lot of fun to get in

Piston 4.jpg

The ring compressor I used, and it worked well

Ring compressor.jpg

4 new pistons and a head gasket

Engine 2.jpg
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