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It is starting

Was hoping to leave in the morning for home. Looks like I will be stuck here another day.
Different being somewhere that thinks 1/4" of rain is a lot.
Not sure what they would do here if it rained like it does at home. Couple inches a day would shut the place down.
Nice bright sunny day, except for when the eclipse made it a little dark, hit 70 degrees. Little cool down coming for the weekend, temps in the 50's
It was a weird cloudy day here, upper 50's with a light breeze. Felt good as I biked to my storage unit three times, as I forgot some tools, then needed more! Parting out a car in a storage unit is a new experience. They claim it will I'll be in the 70's this weekend, I'm good with that. I need good weather, it's car season and I have a bunch of work to do!

@7mopar the mess is getting better, but man, where did all this crap came me from? I need shelves, bad. Hopefully I can get the three workbenches I have stored, over to the house soon, that'll at least help getting the garage set up, sort of. Nev r enough room.
I just got done building shelves. For someone else. Will have more to build later this year.

It's getting warm here, temps in the 80's, thunderstorms. I have been busy and my lawn got overgrown, so now I am trying to get it back under control.
We had some big storms swing through today, I slept right through them.

I had to break down and ask a neighbor to mow my hay field. It was pretty bad, and my rider wouldn't start. I was starting to lose the dogs in the tall stuff. Good thing I had him do it, it bogged down his bigger zero turn he has, my mower would have been crying if it would have tried.
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Took advantage of a beautiful night after work, and stopped by the wagon to diagnose the brake lights. Had nothing on initial inspection, but wiggling the wire cover along the rocker in the back seat, I had the driver's side working. Time to check some bulbs.



Got the battery out of the Dodge today. If the ignition switch is not completely off it runs it down. Just one of the quarks of owning an old truck.
Batteries on the charger and will get put back in later today.
Thunderstorms last night and rain most of the day today. Did an oil change for my daughter, and checked my son's A/C on his Ion
No, but in between rain showers I was playing with a pressure washer a friend gave me. I got it fired up, and the pump actually works. He didn't know if it ran or pumped
My pressure washer runs just fine. Can't say such for the pump that blow it's self apart last fall.
I found the books for it a few weeks ago. So maybe all is not lost. But it's going to need a replacement pump.