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It is starting

You haven't harness broke them yet and bought a wagon to ride in?
Yesterday here was a teaser. It's supposed to rain all week end.
No, no harnesses for them. They could pull me with ease, but if they see a squirrel, cat or rabbit I'd be holding on for dear life as they take me for a wild ride!

50 and windy today, but I'll still take it.
Weather is great again. Sun is shining and I don't see any clouds.
Need to make a run to the local Ace to get some fittings for the kitchen faucet.
Hoping everyone is wasting time watching the SB.
Biked to the store for some bolts and lube for a sticky door cylinder, of course I forgot my wallet. Biked every month this winter, and never in snow. Weird for Minnesota, but I could get used to this.
Being February, I guess it's normal we got some snow last night. It'll be gone next week when we are in the 40's and 50's.
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I got snow Thursday morning, about 2 inches, not quite what was forecasted. The wind kicked up and blew it all around. Colder temps Friday and today, but a warm up coming next week
Water line froze at home. Son was complaining about the cold and no water.
He is getting a taste of what roughing it means this winter. Also got snow at home.
He was told to drain the hose if it got cold so it wouldn't freeze. He could of had water as soon as it got above freezing. Now he has to wait for a hose to thaw.
It's been one of those day that deciding what to do has been a challenge. It may be too late in the day for such a decision. Might have to go directly to the what's for dinner mode.
I am not to worried about March weather. It's April and when will the heat become too much.