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It is starting

It's snowing right now, I don't know for sure what were going to get. I have heard conflicting forecasts for snow totals.

This is the view up the road before my truck went sideways and I went into the ditch the other day

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I split the gap between these trees and the truck was backwards going down hill

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After I backed down into the field, I drove out in this area and back onto the road

View attachment 23618

My son asked me why I didn't have it in 4wd? Because I told him when he drove it to work one winter, that the backend will spin out easily, he said I didn't follow my own advice
Nice lucky move missing the trees!

We got a couple of inches and got to 8 above. The wind is blowing pretty good though.
The wind is still blowing, 5 degrees out and with wind chill -16. I didn't get as much snow as I thought we were going to get, but with the wind there is plenty of drifting. I went to go out at 6 this morning to snow plow and my truck wouldn't start, and I had it running yesterday. I went out at 10, smacked it a few times with a hammer and I got it started. I took it into the shop, pulled the starter, tore it down, lubed the bushings and gear reduction, checked the brushes, repaired the wire from the solenoid to the brushes, and replaced the solenoid. It starts good now.
Two days of -10° and I had to jumpstart the minivan, but it had been sitting for a week or more. Another week of this fun.
It snowed some Friday morning, 3-5 was forecasted, but I think we got more like 2-3 inches. I had the plow truck out today, did the 2 parking lots that I plow. Plowed my own driveway after I got home
It was in the low 30's today. Forecast had 50 sometime next week, I'll wait and see. Upper 30's and low 40's by the weekend.
We were supposed to make it to 41° today. Yards a snowie, slouchy and muddy mess. If not for one of the boys I would still be basking in the desert sun somewhere just below 80°. Just maybe in 8 days.
Snow is practically gone after three days with above freezing temperatures and two days of rain.
I made the mistake of driving some gravel road today and made a muddy mess of the truck. That cost a few dollars at the car wash to cleanup.
So much for the muddy night.
When you wake up in a mountain hotel room 1000km away from home and look outside 😱

Fortunatly, we picked up the Ramcharger body in a ski station at 1650m the day before and the road was dry. The hotel was 600m lower, it would have been impossible to climb at the ski station with my little car and the trailer with all this snow and no winter equipment. To return home we just had to drive some kilometres at low speed to reach main road and better weather in the valley.

Weatherman was right, temps warmed up and the rain came. Most of the snow I had is gone and my road is back to a muddy mess. I had a beautiful 2 weeks of frozen snow covered roads
I just watched the Lions give up a heart breaker to the 49ers. I guess there is always next year. Mid 30's tomorrow and snow in the forecast for Tuesday
I just biked to the store in 47° weather. Minneapolis broke a record high at 50, old record was from 1930, when there was no "climate change"! :bookworm:
To nice of weather to simply waste. But to early in the year to think winter is over.
No don't think I will be starting any spring projects yet.
It hit at least 57 yesterday, it was nice at work, had the big doors open and you couldn't even tell.

Might hit 50 today, taking the dogs for a much needed walk, the yard only burns off so much energy.
It hit at least 57 yesterday, it was nice at work, had the big doors open and you couldn't even tell.

Might hit 50 today, taking the dogs for a much needed walk, the yard only burns off so much energy.
You haven't harness broke them yet and bought a wagon to ride in?
Yesterday here was a teaser. It's supposed to rain all week end.