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It is starting

Oil in the Ford finally got charged today and long overdue. Next will be getting the ball joints changed and the alignment done.
I want to take a trip next month.
Rained Friday, blowing yesterday, but not too bad today. Sunny this morning, a little cool, but spring weather is coming.
Upper and lower ball joints on the F250's drivers side have now been replaced. Now back to the alignment shop at Ford trucks.
Yes we have a dealership that does nothing but trucks F250 and up. All the want to be's have to go elsewhere.
Got cold again, it's 14 heading to a high of 29. It will be 50 by Monday, and I'll be taking the Charger across the scales at work, mostly out of curiosity. It's fun that my heavy car can scoot.
The last few mornings have been cold, my windshield has been frosty. It was sunny today but only low 30's
Was 41 today, we didn't get any rain, but may get some tomorrow, turning into snow. But it will be gone over the weekend.

We are at that fun point where winter is still trying, albeit poorly, to be an annoyance. Almost time for the old cars to come out and play.
80's last two days. Yea this is the first part of April. Can we still get a snow storm? It has happened before.
I guess it got up to 68 today, a little warmer than the 31 I went to work in. 80 on Wednesday this coming week, if it snows again (which it will) our minds will be warped!
I am hoping the snow is over. It still can and has happened before.
But it's about time to put the old behind and start the new growing season. The tulips here have actually flowered. We are having a beautiful dogwood blossom spring. Nothing in nature is thinking snow.
I hope it's done! We hit 87 today, and it was 80 or better yesterday. I got to work in the heat, and hope I adjust quickly as I had gotten used to the cold much better than I anticipated. It will cool down for the next two days with some rain, then into the upper 60's, taking me into a weekend of driving! Charger for a blast, of course, and I'm planning on getting the '71 Monaco wagon out for the year. Need to fix the exhaust leak for quiet cruising. Gonna get a personalized plate for it too, don't think what I want will fit on a collector plate, seven letters and one time fee, so I'll have to I get a yearly sticker for $65 or something.

Need to replace the power steering pump in the '98 Ram, then pull out the Monaco 500 blocking the '72 crew cab, and pull that home to get it on the road. And the Dart...
You eventually going to get everything on the front of the 98 Ram replaced?

We started replacing motor mounts on the 82 Ram Monday. Found out one of the mounts purchased two years ago had separated in the box. NAPA replaced it. If not raining tomorrow the Ram will once again have two good mounts. Ford will also be getting a new adjuster and serpentine belt. Hoping that does it for necessary repairs to the Ford for a while. I would like to get to want to do projects. Like fix the front seat cover and finally build that mug holder. Sometimes it doesn't like riding on the trans tunnel.
You eventually going to get everything on the front of the 98 Ram replaced?
I did two years ago, and the steering gear spring a leak at the lower seals. So I'll do the power steering pump for the fourth time, and get the seals replaced and go from there. They don't rebuild parts like they used to.
Dodge now has two new motor mounts.The Ford a new tensioner and serpentine belt.
In a few weeks I am hoping to start cleaning up at home.
My shop and tool room has been a mess for to long.
Weather has been great this week. A little warm for April, but I will take it. Cool down is coming for next week. My yard work will be starting soon, the grass is getting green and growing.
I got done with the plant shutdown, my second nine day stretch in three weeks. It was in the 80's all week, but it's cooled down for the weekend. Rain is in the forecast most days, but I'll be able to take the Charger out and go shooting with a coworker. He's a former marine and is gonna help me get rid of all my bad habits. Soon it will be hot and humid, hope we have our two weeks of spring!
Some rain today, it's cooling down tomorrow with more rain forecasted. I did some work on a friends trailer yesterday and the weather was great for it.