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And yes they did call this a truck...1979 Plymouth Arrow Pickup Truck


Dodge Guy
Feb 15, 2015
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Isn't the Arrow the same thing as the Dodge D50?

Wasn't the Rampage basically the front half of a Plymouth TC3 or Dodge 024 with a small pickup type bed on back? Can't say for sure about the Rampages, but the first generation Dodge Omnis and Plymouth Horizons (1979?) both 2 door hatchbacks and 4 door "boxes", had a 1.7 Volkswagen engine. Actually it was the 1.7 VW diesel block but with a different cylinder head. VWs had 1.6L gas and 1.7L diesel engines whereas the D
odge and Plymouths had the 1.7 gas only.

It wasn't until the next generation of front wheel drive Chrysler cars that they had the Chrysler built 2.2. Until recently, my boy had an '84 Chrysler Laser. Not sure, but I think 83? was the first year for the 2.2 and I believe '85 or '86 was the first year for the turbocharged version.

Engines in the Omni/Horizon - Dodge Omni and Plymouth Horizon (and Talbot Horizon) engines

And the 2.2L - Mopar (Dodge/Plymouth/Chrysler) 2.2 liter engine - TBI or carbureted

The Rampage/Scamp is a pickup based on the Charger/TC3. The rear axle is different in the truck, but they are essentially the same critter.

And yes, the Arrow is exactly the same as the D-50. I was working for a Chry-Ply-FIAT dealership in 1978-79, when the parts department got an Arrow pickup as a parts runner. It had the 2.6L with 5-speed, and was quite a decent truck for the day.