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power wagon

  1. johnw

    Power wagon

    I want to save this from crusher but don’t have time to restore
  2. isaacpavao

    Thoughts on restoring a 1967 dodge 200 Power wagon

    Hello, I have acquired a 1967 dodge 200 power wagon with a engine swap for a Chevy 350 I believe. It is lifted and comes with a set of 44 super swampers. It’s a beast. The truck has been sitting in a field for 13 years. I know my way around an engine, but this will be my first project and I’m...
  3. S

    6x6 Garage find!

    Family just purchased a property and discovered this in a shed. I assume it started as a WC62 with a commercial body since it is a 6x6 but I'm looking for any ID info anyone can provide. Unfortunately it has a feeder on the back and no bed. Thanks in advance!
  4. Kern Dog

    FOR SALE 1975 Dodge Power Wagon 4 speed complete

    Hey guys, I have a factory 4 speed transmission from my full time 4wd 1975 Power Wagon. It has a 440 bellhousing, flywheel, clutch and pressure plate and the clutch linkage. Clutch was fine when I pulled this out to change to an automatic. I would replace it though since clutch jobs in 4 wheel...
  5. 74PW4X4

    One day soon the Power Wagon is Next!

    Just got off a 3 year restoration on the 69 383 Barracuda and this is next on the Block.