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  1. 85Rusty

    1985 Ram Project

    Maybe I missed it, but are your door panels steel?
  2. 85Rusty

    Southwest Colorado 4x4 and Outdoors

    Lol new decade buddy
  3. 85Rusty

    Scotch Creek Trail Expedition!

    Come join us for our first ever Southwest Colorado 4x4 and Outdoors Club event at the Scotch Creek Trail! We will be meeting at Joe Rowell (Castle) Park at 10a in Dolores, CO. Bring a lunch, and a good attitude and lets go have some fun! S 1st street Cortez, CO 81323...
  4. 85Rusty

    Southwest Colorado 4x4 and Outdoors

    Check us out on Facebook! Log into Facebook | Facebook We will also be having our first official club outing November 14 at 10a to explore Scotch Creek Trail. Scotch Creek
  5. 85Rusty

    Canyon of the Ancients

    Thanks guys. I did get to go back out with another Dodge and a Toyota. We will be going up to Scotch Creek Trail on November 14!
  6. 85Rusty

    Canyon of the Ancients

    I did this in my STOCK 1986 Dodge Ramcharger 4x4 with 360 V8/auto trans/31" tires. I followed Road N (gray trail) to Road G (south of Canon Ball Mesa (highlighted in Orange)) unfortunately, my phone ran out of space. I was out there for about 3 hours...
  7. 85Rusty

    1985 Ram Project

    Wheres the updates?
  8. 85Rusty

    My new ride!

    Thats a real nice truck Mike!
  9. 85Rusty

    Shock Absorbers

    KYB, or Bilstein. 99% of Parts stores house brand are junk. KYB are what Im currently running and I got them from Rockauto.com
  10. 85Rusty

    1987 Dodge Ram D100 Shortbed project

    Bill Dedman On forabodiesonly.com just did a turbo slant. I bet he can point you in the right direction
  11. 85Rusty

    "tuff wheel" on a tilt column?

    Post the update when you get a result
  12. 85Rusty


    Thanks. I'll check it out tomorrow. I imagine I'm gonna have to rewire it since he said the original relay melted
  13. 85Rusty


    1986 Dodge Ramcharger Royale SE 360/727 4x4 Tilt column Ok. Before i bought the truck, the horn decided to go nuts. wouldnt shut off and eventually melted the relay. Im trying to track the wire(s) to fi the problem, but I have no idea what color the wire(s) is or how many wires there are for...
  14. 85Rusty

    2002 Dakota Big Block conversion.

  15. 85Rusty

    1st Gen Ram Wheels Thread

    86 ramcharger with turbines. Not my cup of tea, but to each their own
  16. 85Rusty

    first vehicle, D 100 with sluggish 318

    IF it's there. You can also call the local dodge dealer and they will email you a build sheet like they did for me lol my tag is non existant
  17. 85Rusty

    Good guy alert!

    lol I just ran across this and thought you might be amused at the fact that this same bug deflector is the one on my Ramcharger!
  18. 85Rusty

    Show off your 4x4!

    my wifes 99 Tahoe LT in the back is 4x4 also