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Jun 15, 2011
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4 Corners, CO
1986 Dodge Ramcharger Royale SE 360/727 4x4
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Ok. Before i bought the truck, the horn decided to go nuts. wouldnt shut off and eventually melted the relay. Im trying to track the wire(s) to fi the problem, but I have no idea what color the wire(s) is or how many wires there are for it. Under the hood Its dark green, but i dont find a dark green wire in the truck (cabin area). Haynes and Chilton are next to useless at this point. Do any of you have a Diagram that will help me until I get my Factory Service Manual? I put a good relay in there to begin. I can push the horn button and i here the relay do its thing. I put power directly to the horns and they do their thing. So I have a problem somewhere between the fuse box and the horns...
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Think the problem is between the relay and horns if you are actually hearing the relay click. The horn relay connector has three terminals one on top and two on the bottom. Holding the connector with the one terminal upward run a jumper wire from the left lower terminal (dark green / red tracer) to a horn and see if it works when pushing the horn switch. The lower right terminal (dark greeen / white tracer) goes to the horn switch and can be checked with a test light from the terminal to ground and pushing the horn switch. The top wire ( black) goes to the fuse block and should be hot all the time.
Thanks. I'll check it out tomorrow. I imagine I'm gonna have to rewire it since he said the original relay melted