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  1. mopar5150

    Wanted ....windsheild

    What was the cost for the windshield? Do you know the California venders name that it came from as that is way closer for me.
  2. mopar5150

    Stopping in from FABO

    Welcome here! Glad that the truck has been saved.
  3. mopar5150

    New member helping my kid

    Welcome from Southern California! Great to see young kids motivated and interested in trucks. Good job dad.
  4. mopar5150

    New to group

    Welcome from Southern California! Nice truck.
  5. mopar5150

    Intro Post

    Welcome from Southern California!
  6. mopar5150

    New member from Alberta, Canada

    Welcome from Southern California! It sounds like you have an awesome collection.
  7. mopar5150

    New guy

    Welcome from Southern California!
  8. mopar5150

    New member 1955 Dodge

    Thanks! it is a boxed factory frame from the cab back with added structure. I made the front clip and used a modified Reilly motorsports front suspension with SRT brakes.
  9. mopar5150

    New member 1955 Dodge

    Hi, yes the rear if from a 2010 SRT challenger basically same as the Charger. It was a nice swap as the rear 2010 cradle mounts were wider than the truck frame so I only had to make outboard mounts. I modified the lower control arms so I could use coil overs and had to make some cutouts for the...
  10. mopar5150

    New member 1955 Dodge

    Hey Guys, Lurked for a while and finally joined (or maybe rejoined, may have been years). I have a 1955 Dodge pickup that is a "pro touring" type build and the wife drives a 2020 Ram. Have been a Mopar guy for 45 years and love the vehicles. We live out in Palm Desert California. Joined to...