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Daily Driver D100

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  • Original big window push button auto truck. Still running a 727 push button tranny modified to take LA V8 torque convertors. now has a 360 with PS from a late 70's 4x4. Has A,B,C, & E body parts on it as well as 02 Dodge truck. Only 1 non-mopar part is off an International. Its Viper Blue and Bright White with lots of Blue Pearl. Pulled the 360 and now running a 340.

Recent Reviews

  1. btceng
    "Very cool truck!"
    Pros - Mopar. What else needs stating???
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  1. jkirk
    Sweet Ride
  2. robbins
    Bad to the bone!
  3. Dozer556
    That is one SWEET ride!
  4. bear
    It's still a great look'in truck Birdman !
  5. j-miller
    Love it!!!
  6. tallhair
    Very nice
  7. LocuMob
    That is a very nice truck! I like how you included parts from the main Mopar body styles.
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