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Yukon Radio


Oct 15, 2020
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My 2011 Yukon radio along with most warning chimes stopped working. The next morning my truck was hard to start. The following morning would not start. Fuses 41,42 & 46 (under hood) and 22 (interior dash) appeared to be fine, but I replaced them anyway. I removed 42 and battery is fine. Bluetooth hands free not working as well. Could the VCIM be bad? Does the alarm system or ONStar have anything to do with the problem. You Tube said to disconnect battery cables and connect then while off the post for 10 minutes to drain capacitors and reboot computer. I did not try this. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Fred
When you say it won't start, does it crank? You need to check for codes in all the modules.
Battery was drained. What are the modules? Are they located on the fuse tray? Thanks
After you charged the battery it started? A module is a computer, PCM(powertrain control module) for example. I would scan every module and check for codes.