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Wow Mileage


Aug 18, 2015
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East Hartford CT
I have a 2004, 3500. 6.0, 4 X 4, with 26K. I do mileage every time I fill up. Average 10-11.5 mpg. I've been going to the same gas station, and 2 times ago I noticed more power. Got it down 1/2 tank, filled it and got 15.7. Got it down to 3/4 tank, took 8 gal, and again 15.7. I'm stumped, but very happy. Does something change around 26K miles. I'm thinking they forgot to add the 10% ethel.
I have never heard of a 6.0 getting mileage like that, the 10-11.5 is the norm. I agree with the no ethanol theory. No, nothing changes at or around 26K
I'm going to try the same pump one more time, 3 times means it's not luck. I use the trip mileage, but I'm going to use both trip, and full. I changed all the motors in the dash, (speed, tach, gas, heat, etc, but that shouldn't affect the odometer. True or not, getting 15.7 puts a smile on my face. Best I ever got was 14.4 going from PA to CT, must be downhill.
Well I finally got it down to 1/2 tank. Funny, it took 15.7 gallons. Tells me the gage is ok. Mileage back down to 11.7. Double checked all the #'s, and I guess the mileage gods smiled on me for a short time.
I got this batch at the same place, Citgo. The new stuff is from a Mobil. I use mid range, and a few time 93, habit pushing 93 button, for my other cars. Never had any change in mpg till now at the Citgo. Next fill will be there.
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The cost factor between reg, and mid range, is minor. I go to another town, 10 min ride, and gas is 20 cents a gal cheaper than the town I live in. I use mid grade, I figure it can't hurt. Here in CT the temp can change 20 to 60 degrees in a day, so every 2nd fill I add 4 oz of sea foam to help moisture not form, truck is parked outside. 14 years old, 26K miles, orginal spark plugs, and runs like new. My other 3 cars, Lincoln Mark VIII's use 93, and that hurts the wallet, but they get around 20 mpg. Like sporty said, 10-11 mpg is average for this truck. This 15.7 mpg is a fluke. Hope it happens more often
My '94 Ram 2500 with a 360 with mild cam and shorty headers, built transmission and 3:91's got 15, and I was happy. My '98 2500 with everything stock (360/auto) and 4:10's gets 10-11, which is fine, but sucks at the same time.
Not real sure how fast the wind will move it. 35 mph has been the fastest I have allowed. Engine not running and in neutral on level ground.