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What's a tailgate worth, and what year trucks does it fit?


Oct 6, 2020
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I had a nice '77 F150. It died on Labor day, caught in a wildfire. I had it repainted back in 2004, then put a canopy on it with full rear doors...so no need for a tailgate. The tailgate has been sitting in my garage for 15 years or so. It's in excellent shape. I just listed it on CraigsList for $150, but I have no idea what it is worth. For all I know, I may be giving it away.

Paint is metal-flake silver, still very good. The handle retracts the locking pins. I don't have the jointed bracket that attached it to the truck. The inside wasn't repainted, it's light gray with some dents and rust, but not bad. The outside has one small dent, and a few ripples that weren't straightened before painting. The pictures show all this.

Also, I might be able to expand the potential customer base if I could say (with some assurance) that it will fit on other years' trucks. I suspect it will, but which years?

So what's it worth? Anybody have advice?