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What to search / looking to buy


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Feb 6, 2024
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new mexico
I'm looking for a wire set for inside of my dash. The dials don't light up when turned on, it's modded out with dead frayed wire ends, too much wire, just clapped out. I don't know what to search or can't find the wire set for the dials and such on the inside of the dash. If you know where to find or have one you can let go of, let me know please!
like the rest of your harness. start with one same year as yours and start there. forget "painless" etc. Theyre not, especially if youre not dealing with "GM".....
What year and model?
Yep....we need some clues here Scooby.

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like the rest of your harness. start with one same year as yours and start there. forget "painless" etc. Theyre not, especially if youre not dealing with "GM".....
I can't find any online for my year and model!
Oops! I'm sorry 🤣🤣. 75 w100 power wagon with the 318. I put a stock engine wiring harness in really easy, but I can't find a cab wiring harness! There is one rotting out it my neighborhood I'm gonna ask about today!
You may have to custom make a harness - you can get generic connectors - male & female, or source correct OE style connectors through eBay.

I made my own up for my A100 as the OE stuff is not available.
I know of a couple 75-76 Dodge trucks in a local junkyard but it's been closed for a while, there's some pieces and parts on wanting from them if I can figure out who to talk to in order to get in there
Hey volaredon! I know I'm reaching & it's a little pushy, but at this point I have a list of parts I'm struggling to find even at my local yards. I still really need a dash wire set, and now my clear vertical turn signals are cracking to where the screws can't hold them anymore!!!
Well about 3 months ago I drove in the local junkyard lot that's got the 70s trucks I'm wanting parts from and the old guy that lives across the street from it was out in the yard raking leaves or something. He stopped me as I turned around and told me a little bit of the back story about what was going on with the people who owned the junkyard.
I told him I was hoping they'd open even like one Saturday a month or something, and that I wanted a few specific parts from this one truck that's way in the far back corner about grown over with weeds. That truck is a 75 w200 "sno-fiter" factory plow truck. It's been there for 20 years that I know of, hasn't moved and far enough back to have pretty much been forgotten about.
The neighbor took my name and number and said he'd give it to the people who ran the junkyard and tell them to call me.
He did say that he knows I live nearby as he sees me drive by every day about the same time, as I'm on my way to work.
I haven't heard back yet. Next time I see him out in his yard I'm gonna stop by again. If I can get back in there I will. There's a blue 74 club cab that I've gotten Parts from out there as well that id like to get a few more goodies from. But right now getting back in there is in limbo