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trying to pull the steering wheel off my 84 Ram

Tim Ziegler

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Aug 8, 2020
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DeGraff, MN
Do I use metric bolts with the puller...no bolts fit the holes. So far I've tried 5/16 bolts and they don't work. Looksd like coarse threads in there. I'm lost. Thanks for any help gang
I will have to check. I know what was used is stored in the puller box. Will be Thursday before I can get to the tool box.
WOW, my Ram is 84, 2 threaded holes which I think have shot threads. 5/16 bolt size I think. Needs helicoil job
Did some steering wheels take 5/16 and some take 3/8... Mine ia a 84 Prospector with 4 spoke 'Tuff' style steering wheel
Every one I have ever played with was 3/8-16. Never seen a steering wheel with 5/16 thread and definitely never seen one that was metric, and never had to helicoil those holes though I am a bit more familiar with helicoils than I should probably be.
I have a tilt column if it makes a difference. It is also three hole and takes some really long bolts.
Interesting. My 84 Prospector is tilt and uses 2 holes for pulling the steering wheel. After putting 5/16-18 helicoil threads in I was able to pull the wheel. It took about 12 'wop's with a 4 lb bfh to pop the wheel loose. Without the hammer effect those threads get pulled out sometimes.
Be real careful about the hammer. I just had my 85 column apart for an ignition switch and it was ruined by someone having done that in the past.
I wound up replacing the column because of it
I have never had to helicoil one yet. Apparently, someone used the wrong bolts at some time. Never had to beat one off with a bfh either. Get a scrap of metal and drill the right holes in it if need be. I have done it before. Better than beating the crap out of it and spending time and money later trying to fix it.