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Truck tire recommendations


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Dec 5, 2019
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I'm in the market for a new set of tires for my pickup. Current tires (Uniroyal Laredos) still have a little tread left but I hate them and can't wait to get new ones. The compound is just too hard and they have poor traction on even a slight grade when it's wet. I've had enough of a certain part of my anatomy puckering up when I pull my boat up the ramp at Cumberland.

There are only two brands I'll even consider - Goodyear and Michelin. Looking at manufacturer's sites and talking to folks at tire dealers hasn't helped me at all. I figured the best people to ask would be those who pull their boats up wet ramps on a regular basis. I'm looking for input on specific models, not just the brand name. If you have any input, good or bad, I'd greatly appreciate it.
I bought a set of Goodyear Dura-tracs for my 03 Dodge 1/2 ton 4x4. They are a good tire. Others I will recommend are the BFG All terrain. Not on your list of manufacturers but I really like them.

these are yokohama's on my 64 d100 32/11.50x15 on 8 1/2's and 235/70x15 on 7's . i used to buy nothing but bf goodrich , there not interested in the vintage market . stopped making these in a street tread that matched . these stick way better than my bfg's did . the second four are my bf goodrich setup , first three are my yoko's . the years changed her a bit , lol .
I have only had one set of yokohama's. The work hate is to kind for the contempt I had for them.
Darn things went octagon at 14,000. Frist set on the car and last that ever did that.
I've got the Goodyear Duratracks with 65k on them and there not done yet. They have been a great tire for my Expedition, I went up one size and got the more aggressive tread and i love them. The E lode rating was one reason for the tires as I pull a 30 ft camper with a 119" WB so I needed a stiff sidewall. I'm curious just how long the tires will go, theres no weather checking and I put them on in 2013.
Big money upfront but P tires weren't lasting 35k on the 6300 lbs truck.
Just my opinion, good luck