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The famous MACHO Power Wagons!

Kern Dog

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Nov 14, 2014
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Granite Bay CA
I graduated High School in 1983. The New Dodges were not all that cool as I left school but the Macho Power Wagons were a few years old then and still were popular enough to see them occasionally.

PW 1.jpg

The 1977-78 models were my favorite...that grille is spectacular.

PW 2.jpg

The Macho trucks were all two tone with black always being the constant. The Hood, roof and lower sides all black with twin yellow stripes to separate the two colors.

PW 3.jpg

The majority of them seemed to be red and black...

PW 5.jpg

A combo that I do like....
Yellow looks good too.

PW 4.jpg

I saw this silver one in Van Nuys CA a few years back...


I had a 74 Camper 9000 that I did a mediocre B-5 blue job to....


I now have a 75 that is at least a 4 wheel drive so it sort of fits the mold...


The last one is a W200, full time 4WD.
It was built with a 440, 4 speed and Dana 60 rear, 44 front. I swapped in an automatic to make it easier for the wife to drive if ever the need arose....which so far never has. I have a few non running cars here to push around, and when I buy cars I intend to scrap, this truck is a great tow or pusher rig.
It was originally orange...a rare color. How about that OLD MAN camper shell ??


Here was the 4 speed shifter....


I changed colors to Flame red in 2013 but am considering a change back to the orange color BUT with the "Macho" treatment.


Awhile back, I did find some company that sold the reproduction stripes to replicate the "Macho Power Wagon" appearance.
I might look into that again...
My '77, needs a complete restoration, still has the factory "Power Wagon" decal on the tailgate. Shes on the to-do project list
If you like the Sublime/Lime Light color, that would be great.
I have never liked that color.
There was one I saw that may not have been offered....It was a classic F7 or F8 green metallic and black. It looked great to me.
I grew up watching Simon & Simon, with the Power Wagon hitting the water hole in the opening credits.
Me too.


The dual stacked headlights indicate a 1979 or 80 model. What surprises me is the horrible condition it was in for only being a few years old at the time of the TV show. Missing grille, badly faded paint...
I have always loved these trucks and watching Simon and Simon as a kid even made them more cool.
There is a YouTube channel, I think it is called "Car Stars" or something close to that. They had a video on the Ramcharger from the Lone Wolf Mcquade movie. They had some video footage of classic Dodge trucks in it, pretty cool.