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Show off your 4x4!

IMAG0093.jpgheres the 79

IMG_0976.jpgIMG_0978.jpg I sold my Black 95 Ram 1500 and now I've got this 97 Sport . I'm still working on it so please be nice . lol It's a 5.9 with 5" of lift , 35" bfg tires , short ram intake , reflashed computer , cat back duel exhaust , etc. etc.


This old thread doesnt have NEAR enough photos. COME ON BROTHERS! ITS TIME FOR A REVIVAL!

Here is my 1986 Dodge Ramcharger
360 4bbl/727/208 t case/limited slip 9.25 rear/dana 44 front/3.21 gears/31x10.50x15's with the original Goodyear spare in the back. of course the most important part is my 3yo little girl, Phoenix. 8)

IMG_3291.jpgIMG_3288.jpgSorry Chuckie , I'm building a two wheel drive hot rod 79 right now and I haven't built any new 4x4's lately so the best I can do is do an update . I sold my 79 4x4 Warlock ( Big Red ) . It's now terrorizing the UK . I still have my 84 Ramcharger and about the only noticeable thing I've done to it lately is to swap out the radiator support and grill . So now my 84 doesn't look like a 92/93 it look's like a 88/90 . It still has the injected 318 but it now as of about a year ago has a brand new rebuilt 727 with a rebuilt 208 behind it . Soon though I plan on building a 241 T case for it or another 208 that's blow proof . My 97 Sport has only gotten a couple of changes like the cowl hood , upgraded the air intake from the short ram I had to the long ram with a K&N filter but soon I'll be also sealing the cowl to the intake system . Now she running different wheels and some time soon ( hopefully ) she'll be getting a new set of 35" mudders . Oh yeah I also swapped out the smaller off road lights with 6" round KC off road lights on my double tube roll bar . I can see a lot better with those bad boys .


Nice Ramcharger "GTXvert" . That thing looks like a beast !
Nice Ramcharger "GTXvert" . That thing looks like a beast !
Thanks, it definitely preforms well and is the family wheeling rig, built around some requirements set by the wifey.
Here is my 02 Ford F250. Was a 2X4 but I swapped all the parts from a parts truck to make it a 4X4. Was not a very hard swap except for wiering for the hubs/transfer case. Would of been super easy if I had a manual transfer case and hubs.