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Sam isn't hot for me anymore...

Jun 15, 2011
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Decatur, IL
My 92 Ranger, Sam, doesn't get hot for me anymore. I know her juices still flow, but she's just at that age where things aren't like they used to be.

With all that being said, here are the issues. Well, I should say "issue". I didn't have any heat in her at all. I swapped the thermostat because I already had one, and I have some heat now, but it is intermittent. It will get warm while the truck sits and idles, but as soon as I start driving the heat cools off. Does this sound like a heater core issue? Ford heat is notorious for melting you out of the truck pretty quick, but Sam takes forever to put out even the little heat that she does. I'm leaning toward the heater core, but it's not leaking, the windshield isn't fogging up, and I don't smell antifreeze. Of course, those symptoms all point toward a leaking heater core and not one that's just gunked up inside. I would appreciate any and all suggestions. Thanks in advance.
Well, here we are in the third month of 2017, and I never updated this post. Yes, the heater core was bad. This was all fixed in spring 2016. When I went to swap it, i noticed that the antifreeze in my radiator looked like chocolate milk. As the truck was 24 years old when this was going on, I figured it was time to swap out the radiator, because I was afraid if I ran a coolant flush, I would just flush all that crap further up into my engine. So, I pulled the radiator and replaced it, both heater hoses, the thermostat, and the heater core. The good news is that I got my good Ford heat back right away! The bad news is that when I pulled the radiator, I had to remove the transmission cooler lines and then reconnect them to the new radiator. Well, the new connection leaked and the transmission started slipping due to fluid loss. I got that fixed, and the truck ran fine for about 8 months. Today, the transmission started slipping again, and there's plenty of fluid. Yay. This should be a fun trip!
And I had been avoiding opening this thread. Afraid it would be about some deranged affair. Good to hear the heater problem has been corrected.
The heater in my Dodge will drive you out of it sitting still yet freeze you going down the road. New door seals will solve the problem some day.